New programme to teach laypeople preaching skills

program teaches preaching skills

An innovative programme that teaches preaching skills and educates laypeople how to better convey the Gospel in everyday life has been launched in Australia.

The Xavier School of Preaching model is backed by the Australian Catholic University and has garnered significant interest from Catholic dioceses around Australia.

The programme offers practical face-to-face and online training for ministers, priests and laypeople to better support their ministry in parishes, communities and schools.

Vicar General Fr Tony Percy said laypeople should be active in spreading the word. “Right through the 20th century, popes have insisted that the laity take up their baptismal responsibility to spread the faith everywhere in every dimension of life.”

“There is often a reluctance to assert that laypeople should be preachers because of a common view that preaching is best left to priests,” Fr Percy said.

“However, there are many avenues of preaching the Gospel in parish life, such as sacramental preparation, men’s and women’s ministry and youth ministry,” he said. “Opportunities are prevalent in many secular arenas too.”

The Xavier School of Preaching website states that it “seeks to raise up a new generation of preachers – men and women – within the life and mission of the Catholic Church.”

According to the site, the Xavier School of Preaching has four specific objectives:
– To enable you to speak and preach the Gospel in a variety of contexts.
– To deepen your understanding of the dynamics of communication in contemporary society.
– To connect your life of prayer with your theology and ministry of preaching.
– To help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and discover a personal road map for the journey ahead.

Recent participants on the two-day programme came from various backgrounds including education, health, church ministry and parish life.

Physiotherapist Claire Smart, 24, a participant in the course, said she was attracted by the unique opportunity to upskill in the area of preaching.

“The opportunity to encounter Jesus and hear such quality input has been outstanding,” she said. “The school has provided useful techniques and a renewed sensitivity towards the people I believe I’m called to minister to.”


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