Pope’s migration appeal sparks attacks

The pope’s visit to migrants and asylum seekers in Ħal Far has sparked outrage among many Facebook users who rejected his appeal for charity and overwhelmingly told him to take migrants back with him to the Vatican.

During his two-day visit to Malta, the pontiff visited the Peace Lab in Ħal Far where he met with migrants and warned authorities against becoming complicit in the violation of human rights.

Pope Francis heard the accounts of two men who recounted the arduous journeys they suffered to reach Malta. He was also presented with a life jacket, a symbol of the risks that migrants take when they make the journey to Europe.

Pope Francis told migrants St Paul and fellow castaways had been treated with “unusual kindness” in Malta.

However, the pope’s message was not universally welcomed, with several people taking issue with his appeal for solidarity and taking to Facebook to vent their displeasure.

Overwhelmingly, the sentiment among users was that if the pope was concerned with the wellbeing of migrants, then he should “take them back with him to the Vatican”. Continue reading

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