118-year-old Daughter of Charity is world’s oldest person

Sister André Randon, a 118-year-old member of the Daughters of Charity in France, is now the oldest living person on earth.

She attained that distinction on April 19 when the previous title-holder, a Japanese woman, died at age 119.

Sister André, who has been the oldest person in Europe since 2009, contracted COVID-19 in January 2020 but “did not even “realise it”.

She celebrated her 118th birthday on February 11 with Mass and a festive lunch in a nursing home in Toulon, a Mediterranean coastal city where she’s lived since 2009.

The meal was preceded – as usual – with a small glass of port.

Sister André had a string of prominent visitors in the morning. They included Geneviève Levy, the local representative in the French Parliament, and Hubert Falco, Toulon’s mayor.

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