Pope Francis: All countries should promote family-friendly policies

Pope Francis on Friday urged all countries to promote family-friendly policies.

In an address to members of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on April 29, the pope insisted that it was possible to create “a family-friendly society” despite major cultural and economic obstacles.

“Family-friendly social, economic, and cultural policies need to be promoted in all countries,” he said.

“These include, for example, policies that make it possible to harmonise family and work; fiscal policies that recognise family burdens and support the educational functions of families by adopting appropriate instruments of fiscal equity; policies that welcome life; and social, psychological, and health services centred on support for couple and parental relationships.”

He added: “A ‘family-friendly’ society is possible. Because society is born and evolves with the family. Not everything is attributable to a contract, nor can everything be imposed by command.”

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