Catholic wedding for horror crash couple

Last year a motorbike crash shattered – and almost ended – Kendra Smith and Corey Thompson’s lives. Thompson lost a leg and Smith, who was five months pregnant, lost the baby.

After a year of horrendous lows, the couple are picking themselves up. They’re expecting another child and a Catholic wedding is being organised.

“We have our engagement party finally going ahead in July but we have had to push out the date of our wedding as we are now expecting a baby.”

The couple, who got engaged in hospital just days after the crash, have endured multiple surgeries over the past year.

It has been a hard and agonising time – but they have tried to focus on the good, the positive and the future.

With more surgeries still to come, Corey has an artificial leg and is “even mobile without any assistance,” Smith says.

“Adjusting to a new normal has been difficult, especially as an amputee and partially impaired [and] having to adapt to relying on people as prior [to the crash] we were so independent.

“The due date of our taonga and Mother’s Day was extremely difficult however our good friends Sky, Tainui and Tash gave forever gifts that can beautifully honour our son and remember him forever.

Both have children from previous relationships.

“Parenting is the hardest with four children between us. Not being as active, our children have had to adjust to new activities to bond with us, which we are so proud of them for.”

Smith said despite the difficulties the couple’s “hearts have remained full with love and hope” – which increased when she found out she was pregnant.

“We both cried.

“We knew this would delay [my next] surgery however it was a blessing that we are so excited about.”

The couple, known for their outreach work on the Kapiti Coast helping Māori and Pasifika youth, were planning a Catholic wedding before they found out about the pregnancy.

Thompson is going to be baptised into the Catholic Church as Smith says her one wish is “to be married in a church like my parents, grandparents and great grandparents who have all taken their oath through God seriously.

“All going well we should be hitched and partying in February 2024 as the 4th is our anniversary – the moment Corey swept me off the market.”


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