Positivity palpable, community priceless at Levin tornado damaged Catholic school

Levin tornado

St Joseph’s Catholic school in Levin narrowly avoided the direct path of last Friday’s Levin tornado.

News reports say damage to the exterior of the school was mostly from downed trees, and the playing field showered in broken glass and debris from neighbouring houses.

A neighbour’s garage was even ripped from its foundations and thrown into the playing field.

Sisters Rhianna and Laura Sweetman, who lived next to the school, on Weraroa Rd, said the tornado ran a path between their home and a neighbouring property, destroying the garage that was lifted onto the field.

St Joseph’s Catholic School principal Maria Lyne said the playground was “obliterated”.

A group of around 30 volunteers from the community joined school personnel to help remove the glass, piece by piece from the playground.

“Huge shout out to Bernie (Wanden, Mayor), Monique and the team from Horowhenua District Council.

“This incredible team brought together community volunteers, who were then deployed to make right the damage caused by Friday’s tornado.

“St Joseph’s was swamped by 30+ volunteers who scanned the grounds, removing debris, building refuse and thousands of shards of broken glass from our playing field.

“The positivity was palpable, the sense of community, priceless – Kaitiaki all!

“God is so very good – all the time!


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