Synod cannot ignore difficult questions

Synod cannot ignore difficult questions

The cardinal tasked by Pope Francis with overseeing the Church’s global synod says he is not worried about the German reform process stressing that the synod cannot ignore difficult questions.

Cardinal Mario Grech said that the criticisms of Germany are part and parcel of what it means to be a synodal Church which offers a forum to express disagreements.

The German synodal pathway (“Der Synodale Weg”) was launched in response to the clerical sexual abuse scandals. It has focussed on the use of power in the Church, women’s ministry and Catholic sexual teaching.

But the synodal path has faced heavy criticism in some quarters. Bishops from within and outside Germany have warned it will lead to schism.

A letter from 92 prelates said the Germans were wrong to place so much focus on the question of power. They said “it suggests a spirit fundamentally at odds with the real nature of Christian life”.

However, Grech defended the German approach saying “Synodality offers that space where we can share our fears and our joys, our certainties and our doubts, our dreams. Obviously, there are dreams that can be realised, others that cannot. There are dreams that can be realised tomorrow, others need more time. But, personally, nothing really worries me insofar that we respect the fundamental principles of the Catholic Church.”

Cardinal Grech pointed out that “nothing should be left under the carpet” during the synod discussion. People must be free to present issues for the Vatican to consider. He added that during the synod, “all the material that reaches our office will be submitted to the Holy Father.”

He added that “nobody is excluded” provided they “want to be disciples of Jesus Christ.”

The cardinal, who is secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops office in Rome, said the priority is to become a more “synodal Church” which is able to listen and discern together.

He suggested that the global synod “For a Synodal Church” is likely to go beyond a summit of bishops in the Vatican in October 2023.

“The synod has no end,” he said. “There will be no end because once the process has started, it will proceed, even beyond October 23.”


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