Former National MP criticises Luxon’s abortion gagging order

Former National MP Alfred Ngaro says MPs should be able to speak their minds on abortion after party leader Christopher Luxon effectively gagged his caucus airing views on the Roe v Wade decision.

National’s socially conservative MPs have gone to ground after MP Simon O’Connor was forced to take down social media posts which leader Christopher Luxon has called “triumphalist” and causing offence.

“As I understand it, there is no party position on these conscience issues. It is purely an individual position that caucus members take.

“And you will see, a number of [current MPs] voted against this, like myself (sic) when I was there.”

The US Supreme Court decision on Friday to overturn Roe v Wade and allow states to ban abortions has raised conversations here, particularly given Luxon is himself an Evangelical Christian opposed to the right to an abortion. Read more

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