Schools with mask mandates saw fewer student absences than average in term 2

Auckland schools that decided to keep mask mandates during term 2 saw higher student attendance than those that dropped them.

Heading into term 2, the Government made the controversial call to remove nationwide school mask mandates instead leaving it up to individual schools to make their own rules.

The decision sparked disagreement from the disability rights commissioner and an open letter from 150 doctors asking for the decision to be reversed.

Balmoral School decided to keep masks for staff and students in year 4 and above.

“We’ve been running at about 90% attendance, we’ve basically had a normal school term,” principal Malcolm Milner​ said.

“We haven’t missed a beat. We’ve had open days and sports. For the children and the community it looks like a normal school – back to what it was in 2019. Continue reading

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