Punk rock guitarist and a cop ordained

ordained priests

Two newly ordained priests – one a former punk rock guitarist and the other a former policeman – spoke at their ordination of serving and accompanying others.

The pair were ordained at the Cathedral of Prato, Italy earlier this month.

Service and accompaniment

The newly ordained Father Giulio Vanucci said while he had enjoyed being in a punk band – and later a bricklayer for a Catholic housing apostolate – he’s looking forward to being of service to others.

“For me, being a priest means putting oneself even more at service, it means taking care of everything and everyone” he said.

Former policeman Father Michele Di Stefano wants to accompany others.

“Today is not a goal achieved but rather the beginning of a new path, even an exhausting one” Di Stefano said.

“But I am sure that I am not alone and that I have God’s help. My intention is to be close to people who suffer, who feel alone.”

God looks for specific people to enter the priesthood said bishop of Prato, Giovanni Nerbini, in his homily at the ordination.

“The Lord has not chosen administrators or supermen but simple and always generous people” he said.

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