Argentina archbishop responds to political chants at Mass

In response to the controversy sparked by people chanting a political slogan during a Mass in the Argentine capital, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva, was clear: “The Mass is something sacred.”

“The Eucharist is something sacred; that’s why the Mass is something sacred because it is the very core of the faith of our people,” the prelate said while celebrating Mass on June 15 at the St Ildephonsus Parish in Buenos Aires.

“Here we come to be nourished by unity, brotherhood, peace. That’s why it is not good to use the Mass to divide, to fragment, to be partisan,” he added.

Videos circulated recently showed Mass being interrupted by people chanting political slogans such as “the country is not for sale,” expressing opposition to the government of President Javier Milei.

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