G7 rift over abortion prompts pro-life praise for Italy’s Meloni

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni hosted the world’s most powerful leaders in Italy last week and reportedly made a few foes over a flap involving the removal of abortion language from the G7’s final declaration of priorities.

But in the United States, she’s winning praise from pro-life Americans, including former Vice President Mike Pence, founder of Advancing American Freedom.

“When radical pro-abortion Biden administration officials demanded that the words ‘abortion’ and ‘reproductive rights’ be included in the G7’s official statement, you stood strong for life. By doing so, you stood not just for pro-life Italians, but for every pro-life citizen of the G7 countries,” Pence wrote in a letter to Meloni.

Pence’s June 19 letter, shared exclusively with The Daily Signal, expresses his “gratitude and admiration for your uncompromising stand for life.”

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