Combat secularisation together

A Jesuit priest has called for the establishment of a General Ecumenical Council to bring all Christian Churches together, and eventually all religions, in order to face together the challenge of the secularisation of society.

Fr Michael MacGreil told the Irish Catholic that with the current state of religion in the world and the advance of secularisation, religions ”cannot afford the luxury of not coming together”.

MacGreil said he would like to see more serious religious correspondents in the media.

”There are no real religious issues being discussed in mainstream media. There is a real danger that by not discussing religion at all, people are rejecting religion out of ignorance and are suffering from spiritual malnutrition”.

He said the establishment of a General Ecumenical Council ”would herald a very important step in the revival of religion, and thereby, the enhancement of the quality of life of all the people. It would also open the way for effective Christian-Jewish-Muslim dialogue, which I believe is essential for the future of world justice and peace.”

”I am looking forward to the day when a Christian Council comes together, and in the long-term a council that includes Christians, Jews and Muslims coming together, for the good name of religion,” he said.


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