Royal wedding “nightmare”, Muslim group vows

A Muslim group plans to turn the April 29 wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton into a “nightmare.”

Police report Muslims Against the Crusades (MAS) applied for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey on the day of the royal wedding. The police, who have the power to ban protests along the main route, have rejected their request.

The group however may be able to stage their protest nearby and the police say they are in negotiations with Muslims Against the Crusades.

On its Website, MAS labelled Prince William as “one of the biggest advocates of British imperialism” and, through his army and air force career, had “direct involvement with the murderous British military.”  MAS said it will mount a “forceful demonstration” against Britain’s interventions in Muslim countries.

“We strongly advise Prince William and his Nazi sympathisers to withdraw from the crusader British military and give up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire.

“We promise that should they refuse, then the day which the nation has been dreaming of for so long will become a nightmare and that it will inshaa’allah (God willing) eclipse the protests in Barking, Downing Street and the events of November 11.”

A counter demonstration is also planned by the English Defense League who have recently mounted several violent protests against Islam.

Lynne Owens, assistant commissioner of Scotland Yard, told the BBC: “We see this as a day of celebration and what we will be doing is making sure that no protest disrupts that celebration of the royal family.

“We have to authorise a demonstration but we can put conditions on that demonstration and it’s that negotiation process that we’re engaged with at the moment,” she added.

About 5000 officers are being deployed to police the royal wedding, which is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets of London.




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