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British monarch a Catholic: Not possible Comments 0

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Recent public discussions about changing or abolishing the 1701 Act of Settlement, forbidding members of the British Royal Family from marrying a Catholic, have been quietly shelved. The Church England raised significant logical objections, centring on the sovereign’s dual role as Monarch and head of the Anglican Church. Church of England leaders were concerned that Read more

Beauty and the Beatification Comments 0

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Momentum is building in Rome for the beatification of John Paul II, however the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton is gaining the attention of the world’s media. John Paul II is considered a modern Catholic hero, and the Vatican is working overtime to make the beatification go viral and embarking on a social Read more

Royal wedding “nightmare”, Muslim group vows Comments 0

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

A Muslim group plans to turn the April 29 wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton into a “nightmare.” Police report Muslims Against the Crusades (MAS) applied for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey on the day of the royal wedding. The police, who have the power to ban protests along the main route, have Read more