Mothers’ contribution to families celebrated

To celebrate Mothers’ contribution to families Caritas Samoa organised a gathering last week to allow mothers to showcase their work.

The gathering was an opportunity for all mothers to make money from their creations, says Caritas’ Communication Officer, Christina Mareko. “The programme started in 2008 and we conducted seminars and training for mothers in the villages,” she says. This is the first time they have come together in one spot to market their goods. It’s great especially during the week that we are celebrating their special day.”

The Market day was held over three days.

Caritas Samoa helps people with low incomes by providing food and clothing. It also takes part in peace and reconciliation on a grassroots level by improving relations between students in schools where there is unrest. Caritas Samoa intends to boost its work with young people by establishing a centre where young people can meet, learn and interact, and by giving encouragement to young people who dedicate their lives to the Church.


Image: Savali

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