PNG MPs want a law banning non Christian religions

PNG MP Wera Mori wants parliament to pass a law banning non Christian religions so as to maintain the country’s stand as a Christian nation.

“PNG is a Christian country'” he said.  “Like other countries, we must be strict and put into our Constitution that we worship the God of Israel,”

Opposition MP Tobias Kulang said Christianity should be used as a founding principle and a guide in observing leadership.

“There are challenges faced with defining what is right and wrong. We struggle to define and, sometimes, perceive what is wrong to be right.”

“We are living in challenging times where we need to take into account the fundamental issue of integrity and moral uprightness, we need to institutionalise our Christian religion,” Kulang said.

Wera Mori is a member of the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party. He defeated Jim Nomare of the People’s National Congress in the July elections. He is a successful businessman who was founding national president of the People’s Party, which he has since left . A geologist by training he is managing director of EMR Limited, a company specialising in mineral exploration and geotechnical services.

Tobias Kulang is a the sole member of the PNG Constitutional Development Party in the parlaiment. He graduated from Divine Word University as an accountant and, after a stint in the Ok Tedi Mining township of Tabubil, established Star Business Consultancy. When the local MP Joe Teini died last year, Kulang won the seat in a by-election.

The Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party was founded earlier this year by Don Polye, the then Minister for Finance. In his inaugural speech which launched the party, Polye said it would be “focusing on trying to restore Christian values, the churches to give counselling on the value of the family unit as family is the foundation of a stable society”.


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