Should Richard Prosser be banned from flying?

A blogger has, perhaps light heartedly, called for New Zealand’s airlines to ban “Richard Prosser and his fellow Islamophobes from aircraft!”

“How would he and they feel if that happened? Not too happy I would imagine!” says Chris Ford.

On Wednesday Prosser apologised for comments made in a magazine column that young Muslim men should be banned from flying on western airlines.

“If the greatest identifiable threat to modern aviation security is posed by young Muslim males, then surely the answer is to prohibit young Muslim males from flying on our aeroplanes.”

Prosser also claimed New Zealand’s rights were being denigrated by “misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan.”

When asked on National Radio’s Nine to Noon programme what provoked the article he said: ‘‘I had my pocket knife confiscated. This is the pocket knife that I’ve owned for – I couldn’t count the number of years – and I used to travel with internationally prior to 9/11 before the world went mad.’’

He said he had also carried it up and down the country 30-odd times last year.

The New Zealand Federation of Islamic Associations is laying a formal complaint with the Human Rights Commission over Prosser’s comments.

Federation of Muslim Association President Anwar Ghani hopes the complaint will see Mr Prosser step down from his position.

He says a person of his intellect doesn’t deserve to be in Parliament.

Prosser says he won’t resign from Parliament for his anti-Muslim “brain explosion” in spite of the growing consensus that he is not fit to be an MP.

Meanwhile, Prosser’s “trusty” swiss pocket knife, which inspired the 1700-word column, remains in a safe at Christchurch Airport.


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