PNG: Church and government seek renewed partnership

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter  O’Neill called for a revitalized partnership between government and Churches when he addressed the  Catholic Bishops of  Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands at their Annual General Meeting in Alexishafen, Madang last Thursday.

He said common concerns between government and Churches include education, health, public security, fight against corruption, infrastructures, and economic development for local communities.

O’Neill said that all children will have to be in school by 2014. The government will pay their school fees and the families will have to comply or be dealt with by the law. “We believe all children have a right to education”

Archbishop John Ribat MSC of Port Moresby, Chairman of the Catholic Bishops Conference, in his address to Prime Minister O’Neill  called for formal abolition of the death penalty in PNG, a better consultation and respect of Church stand in education and family values, checks and balances in logging and mining practices and special economic zones.


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