Fiji Methodist church preparing submissions on draft constitution

Fiji’s largest Christian denomination, the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma, has set up a special committee to work on the church’s submission for the draft constitution.

This was confirmed by church general secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra on Monday.

Nawadra said the special committee was headed by church senior officials.

“We will make sure the submissions are handed in to the government before the deadline,” he said.

Last week Nawadra said neither the head office nor any of their branches will have anything to do with politics in 2014.

Nawadra says the church will not affiliate itself with any political party.

He added that political involvement in the past has hurt the church.

“The Church has learnt their lesson from the past and we are coming out of that and we are even discouraging the use of the Methodist Church building or premises for politics because we have suffered from that in the past.”

Nawadra says office bearers have also been informed that they must leave office if they are planning to contest the 2014 polls.

“If they are forming a political party, that is good and that is their prerogative but the hope is that the current Government have to resign before hand to enable another form of Government to continue or deal with this election and that will be fairer to other members.”



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