People behind the numbers in Syria

How can so much pain and suffering be inflicted upon a people and no notice taken by those that are inflicting it?

Tell me the ideology or political view that outweighs the right to life?

Around 9.3 million of Syria’s 23 million inhabitants need aid. The number of people who have lost their homes or been forced to flee has now reached 6.5 million in Syria and over 2 million in neighbouring countries.

But behind every single number there is a fellow human being who cherishes life, loves his or her family and simply wants to live in peace.

Shaha and Abboud Ibrahim have two lovely girls and fled from Hasaki in Syria.

When an eighteen day battle raged around them they were trapped. When they and their children emerged into daylight so they could escape buildings continued to burn around them and dead bodies littered the streets.

Abboud told me, “A lot of our neighbours were killed or injured by shrapnel, we saw their bodies – we thought we would be next – the children were starving. We fled into the wild. It took us a month to walk to Lebanon.” Continue reading.

Val Morgan is Media Officer for SCIAF, Scotland’s Catholic International Development Agency and part of Caritas International. She recently visited Lebanon.

Source: Caritas Blog

Image: Shaha Ibrahim and one of her daughters, Val Morgan/SCIAF

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