Child trafficking an ongoing danger of Typhoon Haiyan

Irish missionary in the Philippines and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Fr Shay Cullen SSC, is warning that children made orphans by Typhoon Haiyan are in danger of becoming victims of human trafficking.

Wandering children become “the main victims of jackals who seize them for child abuse or human trafficking,” he told the Fides news agency.

“It is a horrible prospect, but it is extremely realistic in the case of natural disasters. These children are in need of immediate attention, to be saved from the clutches of traffickers and pedophiles.”

“Under the pretext of saving or taking care of children, traffickers kidnap them and sell them to pedophiles,” he added.

“Or they earn large sums of money by providing the children for illegal adoptions. Even worse, they introduce them into the world of prostitution, making them slaves of sexual exploitation.”

The little ones will go down in history as “the lost children of Haiyan” he said.

Taking the chaos a stage further, the Apostleship of the Sea UK is warning of the long-term impact of Typhoon Haiyan.

“There is a danger that in a few months’ time, when the media focus has shifted elsewhere, these people will be forgotten,” said Fr Bruno Ciceri, of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Immigrant People.

Cardinal Tagle grateful

Still suffering from emotional and psychological shock, Cardinal Tagle says he still remains speechless when seeing images of the destruction.

Acknowledging the world interest in Typhoon Haiyan, the cardinal says he is drawing strength “from the love, the concern, the solidarity pouring in, not just from other parts of the Philippines but from all over world.”

Cardinal Tagle says he wants to thank everyone from around the world for remembering the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and for reaching out.


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