Indonesian Islamic extremists attack Catholics saying rosary

A group of Islamic extremists in the area of Besi have attacked a meeting of Catholics in the parish of the Holy Family of Banteng , in an area north of Yogyakarta (island of Java).

It has been alleged that dozens of armed people wearing robes assaulted a group while saying the rosary at a house in Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, on Thursday.

They reportedly beat up the house owner, Julius Felicianus, a journalist and three others.

Felicianus is the director of the Galang Press publishing house.

He was at the Galang Press office in Baciro, conducting interfaith prayers with the Yogyakarta Anti-Violence Community (Makaryo) for a safe presidential election when the attack happened.

When he returned to his house he was attacked and suffered severe injuries and broken bones.

Kompas TV reporter Michael Aryawan was also injured. His camera was also taken by the assailants.

Interviewed by AsiaNews, the Archbishop of Semarang, Johannes Pujasumarta said that the reasons behind the attack should be investigated quickly.

He hopes for thorough investigations, not only by the police, but also “the local Catholic community ” and the results will be handed over “to the authorities for further investigation”.

On May 13, Makaryo recorded 18 unresolved cases of sectarian violence in the province, including one in which the Islamic Jihad Front (FJI) allegedly assaulted the chairman of the Gunungkidul Interfaith Forum, Aminuddin Azis ,on May 2.


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