27 women lining up for elections in Solomons

Solomon Islands National Council of Women says 27 aspiring women politicians are intending to contest the National Elections later this year.

The Council’s Women in Leadership Officer, Casper Faasala, says all of the intending candidates have gone through leadership training and will receive mentoring in the build up to the elections.

Solomon Islands is one of the worst ranked countries for female representation in parliament with only 2 women elected to parliament in 36 years of Independence; Hon Hilda Kari in the 1980s and most recently, Hon Vika Lusibaea who was elected in a by-election for her husband’s seat in August 2012.

Solomon Islands has a population of approximately 590,000 people. The national Parliament has 50 members.

Elections are held every 4 years. The electoral system uses a first-past-the-post system, which has made it very difficult for women to get elected.


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