Charity OK. But first, take your medicine!

The Pope on his return flight from the Philippines to Italy suggested that when western help to third world countries is only available if they accept western ideas into a culture as “ideological colonization”.

Gender ideologies from the wealthy Western world are being imposed on developing nations by tying them to foreign aid and education,

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle of Accra, Ghana, affirmed that what Pope Francis recently described as “ideological colonialism,” meaning efforts by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international agencies to force the developing world to adopt a liberal sexual ethic on matters such as abortion and contraception, is not just a hypothesis.

“It’s very real, 100 percent. The pressure is definitely there,” he said. “It’s coming from the World Bank, the [International Monetary Fund], the [United Nations] Population Fund … all of them come with these ideologies.”

“It’s so secular, it’s almost anti-religious, and it’s espoused by all these agencies and NGOs,” he said, and that when he led Ghana’s smaller Koforidua diocese in the 1990s, he was responsible for four hospitals and 11 clinics, with a client base that was 85 percent non-Catholic and concentrated among the country’s poorest and most rural people.

Yet he couldn’t get UN support, because his facilities didn’t distribute contraception or offer abortion.

“I couldn’t get money to take care of malaria because we didn’t have the right positions on gender and so on,” he said.

Nigerian Archbishop Kaigama decries aid linked to unwanted population control measures with international organisations linking financial aid to population control.

He stressed that what is being offered to the Africans—condoms and artificial contraception—is not what they want.

“We want food, education, good roads, good health and so on,” he said, adding “but we are given certain things and we are expected to accept just because we are poor.”

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of Oyo, Nigeria, is convinced African nations are under threat from what Pope Francis has called an “ideological colonization” that is seeking to destroy the family.

It’s so bad, he says, that the United States has made clear it will not help Nigeria fight the Boko Haram terror group unless the country modifies its laws regarding homosexuality, family planning and birth-control.

Bishop Paul Kariuki of Kenya, chairman of the Conference of Catholic Bishops’ health committee, who were shocked to find a tetanus vaccine aimed at women in their childbearing years was laced with a birth control hormone called beta human chorionic gonadotropin.

The government insists the vaccine is safe. So too does the World Health Organization and UNICEF. The two groups issued a statement saying the vaccine, which has been used by 130 million women in 52 countries, is safe.

“These allegations are not backed up by evidence, and risk negatively impacting national immunization programs for children and women,” the WHO and UNICEF statement said.

“What is immoral and evil is that the tetanus laced with HCG was given as a fertility regulating vaccine without disclosing its abortion and contraceptive effect to the girls and mothers,” said Dr. Wahome Ngare, a member of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association.

Antibodies produced by this combined vaccine neutralize natural HCG from the fertilized egg and lead to shedding, in other words it is an abortifacient and this tetanus/b-HCG vaccine induces antibodies which provide prolonged infertility.

If you want our help then hold your nose and take the medicine!

  • Joe Hannah
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