Bob Hawke calls for euthanasia law change

Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has backed efforts to introduce assisted-dying laws in his country.

Speaking on a podcast titled “Better off dead”, Mr Hawke said opposition to euthanasia “doesn’t meet any requirements of morality and good sense”.

The former PM said he had discussed end-of-life options with his wife, Blanche D’Alpuget.

“I have an understanding with Blanche that something I could not stand would be to lose my marbles,” he said.

“If that were in fact to happen then something is done about [it] . . . I don’t expect it to be a pillow pressed exuberantly over my nose, but I’m sure that something could be arranged with the family doctor.”

Parliamentary debates on assisted-dying laws are expected in three Australian states this year – in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

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