Many human trafficking survivors owe lives to women religious

Human trafficking survivors owe their restored lives and dignity to religious congregations in many cases, Pope Francis said at a meeting he had with women religious in Rome on Monday.

The women were all members of RENATE (Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation).

It was established by a group of women religious from several congregations in 2009.

Francis praised the women for “the enormous and often silent efforts which have been made for many years by religious congregations, especially women’s congregations, to care for those wounded in their dignity and scarred by their experiences.

“I think especially of the distinctive contribution made by women in accompanying other women and children on a deeply personal journey of healing and reintegration,” he said.

The mission statement on RENATE website says it is a European network whose members are committed to supporting each other in work against human trafficking and exploitation.

Its members share the responsibility for various aspects of the network, aim to empower those whose voices are not being heard.

It also seeks to be a prophetic voice in the struggle for human rights for all people.

The members are committed to the Church’s social teaching in which the work against human trafficking is considered the mission of God.



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