New “non P.C.” Christian political party tests the water


GOdsownNZ is yet another attempt to establish a Christian political party, but it wants to appeal to all New Zealand voters that have felt let down by their previous parties of choice.

The party is based in Greymouth.

The party is currently on an enrolment campaign to reach the threshold of 500 registered financial members that the Electoral Act requires before a party can be registered.

“We are ‘coming out’ as Christians to have our say. We are voicing our right to free speech. We have the same right to enter Parliament as the ‘PC Brigade’ but we want to bring true values and ethics back in,” the party said in a statement.

“We want God (‘of nations’) to have His way in New Zealand government and society once again.”

GOdsownNZ website says it is a Christian Political Party that has been established “because its founders  believe God wants His voice heard now, in this very perilous time we find ourselves in.”  The reader is referred to the second letter to  Timothy 3:1-5.

“Political Correctness (PC), ‘Social Engineering’, Liberalism, ‘Tolerance’ … these actions are taking New Zealand down a path without God, which is causing more evil than good…and God is not happy about it.”

Claire Holley is the leader of  GODsownnz which she founded with her husband Alan.

Claire had previously been involved with the Conservative Party since its launch in 2011, but resigned from the Board of Management at the end of last year.

“The Conservative Party started out well, but supporters have been let down by recent events, and a ‘watering down’ of their original policy platform,” she said.



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