Vatican reform nears completion

Major Vatican reform is almost finished says Secretary of the Pope’s international Council of Cardinals, Bishop Marcello Semeraro.

Adding, the work is “nearly complete at the level of proposals made to the Pope.

“I think that within a few months this revision will be more or less complete.

“Then the Pope will have at his disposition the proposals that regard all the Dicasteries and I would expect him to decide how and when to actuate them.”

The Council – nicknamed the C9 – have been working on the Curia reform to ensure it meets Pope Francis’s aim: that reform must “con-form to the Good News which must be proclaimed joyously and courageously to all, especially to the poor, the least and the outcast”.

Francis has said he also expects it to be “guided by ecclesiology and directed in bonum et in servitium, as is the service of the Bishop of Rome.

“It will only work if the men and women who work in the Curia are renewed and not simply replaced,” Francis told the C9 when they began the work.

“Permanent formation is not enough; what we need also and above all is permanent conversion and purification. Without a change of mentality, efforts at practical improvement will be in vain.”

Semeraro says introducing the changes will be a considered process.

To date Francis has shown a preference for gradual reform, with a kind of “breaking-in” period, he says. This approach allows for corrections as the reform is rolled out from theory to practical reality.


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