We can end human trafficking, UN told

We can end human trafficking with a multi-pronged approach that fights trafficking and aids victims, Archbishop Paul Gallagher told global leaders at a United Nations (UN) event last week.

Ending this “modern slavery” has been a major priority for Pope Francis, Gallagher said.

The Catholic Church is collaborating “with both the public and private sectors, including with government authorities.”

Gallagher says the problem can be fully addressed only by “promoting effective juridical instruments and concrete collaboration at multiple levels by all stakeholders”.

Hosted by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the event Gallagher was speaking at was entitled “A Call to Action to End Forced Labour, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.”

Gallagher, who is the Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States, highlighted the special role of women and religious personnel in offering an avenue of trust.

“Experience has shown that many victims are wary of trusting law enforcement authorities, but that they confide their stories more easily to religious personnel, especially religious sisters, who can build their trust in the legal process and provide them safe haven and other forms of assistance.”


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