Muslims’ right to Islamise Nigeria, says Bishop

Christians complaining about Muslims trying to Islamise Nigeria have themselves to blame, says the Nigerian bishop Dr Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo.

In his opinion, not only do Muslims have a right to Islamise Nigeria because a Muslim is in power, Christians gave away the opportunity to Christianise the country.

“I’ve always shared the view of one of our leaders, John Cardinal Onaiyekan. I believe that Muslims have an Islamisation agenda and they have a right to have it.

“Do Christians have a Christianisation agenda? Yes, I hope so, and we have a right to have it. The Muslims are pursuing an agenda; why are we not pursuing ours?

“For many years, Nigeria had a larger number of Christians in power. We failed when we should have worked and, even now, instead of trying to catch up on our lapses, we’re busy pointing fingers.”

Badejo says Islamic people seek to Islamise the world, just as Christians seek to evangelise others. Both are legitimate aims – but Christians are not doing much evangelising.

He notes that Nigeria’s Christians are “not an insignificant population” – so what kind of Christians does the country hold, he wonders.

“A large part of Christians today are Christians in name, who pursue power, position, privileges. That’s not Christianity.”



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