Christian genocide results in 6,000 deaths since January

Christian genocide has led to the murder of about 6,000 Nigerians since January. Most of the dead are women and children.

Hard on the heels of the murder of 238 Christians in Plateau State the weekend before last, a church, hospital and some 17 houses were torched in a central Nigerian village during an hour-long raid.

Armed Fulani herdsmen are being held responsible for the killings.

“What is happening in Plateau State and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately,” the Christian Association of Nigeria and church denominational heads in Plateau State said.

The Association is appealing to the Nigerian government “to stop this senseless and blood shedding in the land and avoid a state of complete anarchy where the people are forced to defend themselves.”

Major Umar Adams, spokesman of the military Special Task Force, said four people had been arrested in connection with the latest attack and the force had been ordered to relocate its headquarters to the troubled area.

The Nigerian House of Representatives has now passed a number of resolutions in relation to the attacks, including one declaring the killings in Plateau State as genocide.

The House directed the federal government to immediately set up orphanages in areas affected by recent killings which have left many children orphans.

Condemning the killings and massacres in the strongest terms, the lower chamber urged government to take decisive steps to stop the killings and secure communities that had been under persistent attacks.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode of the Angry People Democratic Party has been tweeting about his concerns for peace, while genocide and an islamisation agenda exist:

“We want peace but can there be peace without justice?

“Can there be peace when one seeks to ethnically cleanse and exterminate the other?

“Can there be peace where there is genocide and an islamisation agenda?

“Can there be peace when one race seeks to dominate and subjugate another?” he asks.


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