The Final Choice: The facts and the emotions

the final choice

Kiwi journalist Caralise Trayes was interviewed on RNZ Sunday about a book that she has just completed called The Final Choice.

She said she was motivated to write The Final Choice after she realised she would soon have to vote in the referendum, but she did not know much about the issue.

The New Zealand Parliament has passed legislation that would legalise assisted dying and euthanasia.

But the law will come into force only if more than 50 per cent of voters vote ‘yes’ in the referendum that is to take place at the same time as the general election.

Trayes thinks that while surveys show 58% to 74% favour the change, the same proportion does not know much about it.

She thought it was hard to find useful information that would let people make a good choice.

Trayes said she tried to as objective as possible.

She wanted to understand both sides of the debate, and to allow each side to have the opportunity to express their view.

Both sides of the argument wanted to relieve suffering. But the question is: “Is this an appropriate method”?

Some things that surprised her

Religion did not have such a significant influence as she thought. The arguments made by both sides were more often based on societal issues.

She had assumed that the relief of extreme pain was the motivation for those in favour of assisted dying and euthanasia.

But she found out that in the overseas jurisdictions where assisted dying and euthanasia is legal one of the top reasons was that their life was not enjoyable anymore.

In Oregon, in 2019  research showed 90% said their motivation was that their life was no longer enjoyable, 59% said they were worried about being a burden to others, and 33% were” in pain or afraid of the pain.”

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