Dublin archbishop condemns racism and intolerance

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin has spoken out against recent incidents of racism in Ireland, decrying intolerance as well as narrow-minded and judgemental attitudes within Church communities.

At Dublin’s Pro-Cathedral on Sunday, the Archbishop said racist intolerance is always “an affront to the dignity of those who are its objects.”

He said the Church must be a place where people are welcomed, respected and cherished even in their difference.

“Hatred and intolerance can never foster goodness and love. Hate language can never be reconciled with the teaching of Jesus. When believers and indeed Church communities become narrow-minded and judgemental, they leave people marginalised and unloved with their hope blunted and their dignity broken,” he said.

Dr Martin also highlighted the growing polarisation within the Church and expressed concern over those who feel that they are zealously defending the Church while being intolerant and disrespectful to those with whom they disagree.  Continue reading

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