Vodafone NZ donates more than $43 million to over 1000 charities

Vodafone NZ has passed a significant milestone in its corporate philanthropy efforts, having supported more than 1000 charitable organisations since 2002 with donations totalling over $43 million, making the digital services provider one of the largest corporate philanthropic donors in Aotearoa.

According to Philanthropy New Zealand, Vodafone “offers a great example of how businesses in Aotearoa can approach a strategic and sustainable, social good programme.”

Sue McCabe, chief executive at Philanthropy NZ, says, “Business philanthropy is critical for Aotearoa New Zealand to flourish economically, socially, and environmentally, given the scale of the challenges and opportunities we face.”

“Vodafone is a great example to look to for guidance given its long-term and strategic approach, its commitment to continue to learn what works and change based on the evidence,” she says.

“The Vodafone Foundation is not just a leader in corporate philanthropy, but in philanthropy and grant-making more generally. As well as helping to transform young lives through their own mahi, the Vodafone Foundation also contributes to the bigger giving movement in New Zealand through its willingness to share their successes and learnings, and to collaborate with other philanthropic and Government funders.” Continue reading

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