Ladyhawke and Broods singer sing of lesbian love at a Catholic school

Being a lesbian at a Catholic school was a source of fear and shame to Kiwi pop stars Ladyhawke and Broods singer Georgia Nott.

Pip Brown (aka Ladyhawke of My Delirium fame) says she felt ‘constant fear’ as a teenager because she was a lesbian at a Catholic school.

“Growing up in the Catholic school system, as I reached my teens I started to feel immense shame and denial about my sexuality.

“I suffered the constant fear of being judged and alienated by my friends and family. These feelings took a long time to shake off and work through.”

It took her a long time to shake the guilt.

A kindred spirit in the form of Nott, has helped her do this, she says – just as she helped Nott shake off her guilty feelings.

Instead of carrying their guilty burden, the stars have channeled their experiences in controversial new music video called Guilty Love. In this, two girls fall in love at their Catholic school.

Ladyhawke, who is now 41-years old, says she and Nott decided to share their experiences on the emotional comeback tune to “hopefully help anyone going through the same thing, to know they’re not alone.”

The lyrics include the line: “Who am I to blame for the shame but the skies above.”

Nott, 26, adds: ‘We talked about growing up religiously and how we carried a lot of shame around the idea of what a woman (or person) should be.

“The love that once caused so much guilt ended up being the most healing and spiritual.”



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