CathNews New Zealand is primarily an aggregation service, drawing stories and features from New Zealand and world-wide news and commenting services.

It is staffed by two volunteers and two part-time contract stipend workers.

It is the task of the editor and his staff to reflect what the world is saying that might be of interest, primarily to Catholics in New Zealand.

The editor and writers are also charged with reflecting what the world is saying about Catholics and the Catholic church.

CathNews does not create the news and opinions it publishes. Its purpose is to report the news and present views that are of interest to Catholics and the Catholic Church.

As a news media product, CathNews does not set out to teach the Catholic faith; there are other agencies whose direct function is to teach.

However, CathNews does not not seek to teach the Catholic faith, it simply presents the news, comment and analysis in the context of faith and modern society.

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