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2 Responses to Man thought to be in vegetative state able to communicate

  1. Nikki Phillips says:

    Take away the power of verbal communication and then we are put in a vulnerable position depending on who is making the decisions for us. The reality is medical staff don't always have time to explore all of the options. One medical practictioner may say something, another says something completely different. Families make decisions based on what the experts tell them and don't always trust their own instincts. This is why advanced directives are so important. So that our families know in advance what our wish would be when we are in the position of being unable to communicate them ourselves. Think about how powerful our God is and how his communication is often non-verbal and/or presented through the words of others who hear those thoughts. There is much more to communication than the spoken word.

  2. Father John George says:

    1]Tell the experts that no human being is ever in a vegetative state[except after death] as there is in humans unlike pumpkins etc a spiritual soul versus a mere material principle of unity as in veggies and animals[material souls].
    2]the MRI scans can detect imagery biochemical collateral activity[ie conscious inner material construct-unlike spiritual non quantitative immeasurable[ IE concepts,ideas,abstractions,]
    3] There are indeed detectable quantitative imagery[eg a house with colour,,extension etc,there are non visible quantitative ideas or concepts eg being, existence, truth which unlike images are not quantitative: yet without MRI scans, we are aware and conscious of these non material mental entities[eg liberty equality and fraternity,slavery,goodnes etc
    4]In fact one may construct accompanying quantitative images[M. Le Guillotine] which may accompany ideas but the non quantitative ideas,concepts,abstractions of "liberte egalite et fraternite" are spiritual[ie non material in nature and construct]
    5] a scan may detect extrinsic biochemical activity of not only material imagery at play but also non material ideas,concepts abstractions in action with collateral biochemical activity[itself measurable but not the idea in itself eg idea 'transcendence'[unlike quantitative image of a car-I hear one day the future MRI might detect the car image in itself not mere collateral effects but not intrinsic nature of non material idea as it is non material/spiritual and MRI SCAN is built for material collateral detection only ]
    6]the abstracting of ideas and concepts is [unlike quantitative images] a result not
    from physical brain but from non material spiritual faculty of the soul[the non material spiritual intellect that interacts with the physical brain but is distinct from brain as is the soul[ the source of the spiritual intellect]
    7] Such interactive activity can be detected indirectly and circuitously as the soul acts upon the brain producing non material ideas concepts and abstractions causing biochemical collateral.
    8]MRI scans being material cannot measure etc a soul[the latter being non material]but can detect vigorous biochemical activity fall out from soul/body interaction
    9]Verification of nature and construct of an idea can be accessed not by pedestrian MRI scans but by conscious complete self reflexion on conscious inner mental activity, transcending the mundane biophysics activity of the biophysical brain
    10][the above rests with due thanks with apt adaptation from the Doctor Angelicus St Thomas Aquinas O.P.[Though not responsible for my humble application thereof]
    11] The caveat for scientists is that the spiritual soul though not interacting with every part of material self may still be present and still providing a non material awareness and a 'latent vital principle'[even explaining 'people reviving after clinically declared death'!pace MRI scanners! ["near death experiences"???]