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5 Responses to Young Catholics and Mormons to meet political leaders

  1. Maurice says:

    Not happy at mixing with screwball American pseudo religions such as Scientology, Mormons, Westboro Baptists and the like.

  2. Lynne Newington says:

    The Latter Day Saints [Mormons] have been the Vatican's eye shot since Cardinal George's red carpet treatment as quest speaker at Bingham University some time ago, claiming their trustworthiness as partners in defence of shared moral principles.
    Not forgetting the past issues between them of sheep stealing from the grave, by baptizing deceased Catholics.

  3. Melanie says:

    Freedom of religion is a concern for all faith groups – it is great that the Catholic and Mormon youth groups are working together on a mutual issue, even though there are theological differences – the point I think is that where there are ways we can support each other in positive, constructive and affirming ways. Maurice: thanks for reminding us that ignorance is alive and well.

  4. Richard Hunter says:

    I am delighted to see young people of faith coming together to do good. It shows me that faith has a place in our society and that there are young people in New Zealand who are enriching our congregations and communities. What a great opportunity to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding, and serve those in need.

  5. Vicki Lee Wihongi says:

    As a high school teacher I am reminded every day that given direction, our young people can be powerful forces for good. I am thrilled that an inter-faith group of young adults from across the country are banding together to give voice to the idea that religion is important in today’s society. We need their input on this issue. We value their innovative ideas. They are the policy makers of the future.