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9 Responses to Chch bishop: Modernist church designs haven’t helped liturgy

  1. Maurice O'Reilly says:

    Yes. Expensive Mausoleums are just what we need !

    • Simon says:

      Maurice, currently our Churches are cheap Mausoleums- the ugliness detracts from the beauty of the gospel.

      Many young Catholics like myself would like to see Church's to be done up to be more beautiful, yet it seems the older generation is in love with ugliness.

  2. Simon says:

    Have you noticed how even Atheists visit the beautiful Church's in Europe to see the beauty, yet that does not happen here as the Church's are ugly? Church buildings should be a testimony to the faith, which every detail acting as witness to the Gospel story and the example of the saints. More beautiful Church's please.

    • Maurice O'Reilly says:

      The beautiful churches of Europe were the contemporary buildings of their days. That is why they have an integrity about them. Nearer our own times, the magnificent new Coventry Cathedral soars up in glory to God using modern materials and designs alongside the ruins of its bombed predecessor, which even in its ruined state is a place of great spiritual and physical beauty. Mock Tudor homes, reproduction Queen Anne furniture and fake art are all disappointing copies of the genuine articles. So too are buildings which ape past fashions

  3. Maurice O'Reilly says:

    How many pseudo Gothic churches survived the earthquakes ? Have any of you tried sitting in the nave of Timaru's Sacred Heart Basilica ? Admittedly the Diocese of Christchurch has some remarkably ugly churches but there are many beautiful contemporary churches elsewhere

  4. Sharon says:

    For ugly you couldn't go past St Joseph's church in Wellington. Walking up the wooden steps was like walking up to an old run down mountain hut and the tabernacle consists of a square box – like something you might keep pegs in on four stick like legs. Gross.

    • Maurice O'Reilly says:

      I find this to be a very beautiful church with a rich liturgy and vibrant parish life. I also recommend St. Brigid's in Feilding,.

      • Sharon says:

        Friends from Wellington took me to see it for its sheer ugliness … when you see the beauty of the representations of the Sacred Heart, the Divine Mercy and Our Lady all representative of how the saints saw them and yet they complained that the pictures and images weren't beautiful enough then you realise that this ugliness doesn't represent heaven and is in fact a cheap insult to God who has given us everything. Even the most humble of peasants give their best to God but in our society many are mean and begrudge anything to Him …

        • Maurice O'Reilly says:

          Ah, if you think brightly painted Victorian-styled sentimental statues are beautiful then go to St. Patrick's Church at Kilbernie . All they need are a couple of gnomes and a flight of ducks to make it a plaster-of-paris paradise. Any chance that The Blessed Virgin or Christ and his Saints looked like these prettied up representations is absurd