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3 Responses to Mass in Te Reo may die out

  1. Jack says:

    Yes Mass in Māori maybe dying, but Mass in English is also less available than it once was.

    There are also seem to be fewer people going to Mass and most of these have grey hair.

    I'd also be interested to know how many, or what percentage of Māori Catholics regularly attend Mass.

    • Pauline says:

      Yes Jack you are totally right ..and as long as the church remains intransigent on celibacy for priests the problem of dwindling English masses is going to get worse!

      Heck St Peter our first pope was a married man ,,,

      This stupid man made middle age rule is chasing potential Priests away as they choose the love of a women over priesthood and even worse some of what we have now we are loosing as they want to get married and are leaving the priesthood !

  2. maryduggan says:

    Mass in Te Reo would be alive and well if Maori people were permitted to lead the Mass in Maori. Many are trained to do this and are frustrated by non-Maori speaking priests. It is my belief that the deep Catholic faith of the Maori people are the future of a vibrant Catholic church in Aotearoa with new directions for a deep committed faith.