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One Response to Does religious life have a future?

  1. Kieran Fenn FMS says:

    I have vivid memories of two years working in College Retreats, moving from Whangarei to Invercargill. We had a youth gathering at our Retreat Centre in Tuakau. We were discussing religious life with the young people. One young man made the remark, "It's not you Brothers that are in trouble; it's the Church." It is not only religious congregations that are diminished; it is our Church congregations – and it's not confined to any age group either. We should stop asking why our young people are not going to Mass and reverse the question to why the Mass is not attracting so many younger/older people?

    Signs of hope are around us. Pope Francis is one. The bedrock of our hope is Christ. Let us celebrate every young person whom God gifts with faith. Let us treasure and encourage those whom God sends to a religious order. They are truly gifts from God. The more alive our faith is in word and action, the more alive our religious orders will be.