American Catholics unaware of new translation of Mass

Most American Catholics are unaware a new translation of the Mass will be introduced later in the year.

Our Sunday Visitor reports that 77%, which is equivalent to more than 44 million adult American Catholics, remain unaware of the changes.

Perhaps more alarming is that 40% of those who attend Mass on a weekly basis have not heard that the words of the Mass will be under-going a significant change.

Some of the biggest differences in awareness are by generation. Younger Catholics will seem to be more surprised by the changes in Advent; the millennial Catholics in particular, whereas those born before 1943 are the ‘most aware’ generation.

Those who are more aware of the liturgical changes include those

  • who attend Mass on a weekly basis
  • enrolled in a parish
  • at a catholic school
  • more educated Catholics, that is those with a bachelors degree
  • mid-west as opposed to north east or southern Catholics

The study was conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University.

The US bishops have asked pastors to undertake an educational effort in the fall, preparing parishioners for the new translation.


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