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The Bible Society has launched its new scripture-based website, The Word, the first Catholic Bible-engagement focused website of its kind in New Zealand.

Mass readings are also delivered every day, thanks to a partnership with the Marist Messenger.

The site delivers inspirational stories through video and word from Catholics for whom the Bible is an important part of their faith. Among those sharing their thoughts are the Catholic Bishops.

New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference President, Bishop Patrick Dunn, says “Scripture is so much a part of my life I feel I would be pretty empty without this daily time spent reflecting on the Word of God.”

Cardinal Dew says that the Scriptures keep him going even in difficult times, they comfort and motivate him. “The Scriptures have certainly changed me and are a focus for my life.”

“The site is all about addressing some of the barriers people might have to reading the Bible, including some of the hard questions,” Stephen Opie, Bible Society Programme Director says. “We want to help provide easy access to Sacred Scripture and provide Catholics with the tools and inspiration they need to make the Bible an important part of their daily life.”

One of many features on the website is that of Catholic leaders answering timeless questions such as: “Can I find answers to life’s questions in the Bible?”

One of the many contributors says in the video response, “I will find answers. It may not be the answer I wanted to hear, it might be something different. I read the Bible not just with my brain, but with my heart and with my faith. And when you use those three things together, then God will really reach out and give you answers.”

The Word website has been developed by Bible Society New Zealand as a tool to help Catholics in their daily reading and reflection on the Holy Scriptures and is already drawing the attention of other Bible Societies around the world.

To date, 21 Bishops and Priests have been interviewed, and new videos and stories have been uploaded onto the site regularly.

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