Wai 262 calls for shift in attitudes

On Saturday The Waitangi Tribunal released its report, Ko Aotearoa Tēnei, in response to the Wai 262 claim It recommends wide-ranging reforms to laws and policies affecting Māori culture and identity and calls for the Crown-Māori relationship to move beyond grievance to a new era based on partnership.

In the Report the Tribunal has called for a fundamental shift in attitude towards Māori on the part of government, saying it must become more Māori in its outlook, value Māori culture in everything it says and does, and welcome Māori “into the very centre of the way we do things in this country”.

The tribunal’s director, Catherine Nesus, says the Māori population is growing and Treaty settlements are sparking economic renewal for iwi.

She says New Zealand is going to look very different in 30 years’ time, so government can no longer afford to view Māori as “other”.


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