How progressive Democrats remain Catholic

The American house Minority Leader calls herself an “ardent, practicing Catholic,” and in a visit to Rome in 2008 was photographed kissing the papal ring of Pope Benedict XVI.

California’s governor attended Jesuit seminary, where he studied to become a Catholic priest, and in 2005 was married in the Catholic Church.

The governor of New York is a practicing Roman Catholic who was raised in a family steeped in traditional Church teachings.

And the nation’s vice president is open about the role of faith in his life, saying that he finds comfort in carrying his rosary and attending Mass weekly.

These confirmed Catholics, attached to the church by birth and educated in parochial schools, are also progressive democrats.

Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Brown support abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research, Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriage the law of New York; and Joseph Biden along with Jerry Brown support the death penalty – stances sharply at odds with church teachings.

Then, over the summer, the issue of same-sex marriage hit the news.

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