Asylum seekers – “just like God visited this town”

Over the past three-and-a-half years, the outback mining town of Leonora in Western Australia has been a temporary home for asylum seekers.

Last month however, the Federal Government announced that Leonora’s detention centre – along with three other centres on Australia’s mainland – would close by the end of February.

For Good Samaritan Sister, Annette Dever, a parish pastoral worker in the communities of Leonora, Laverton and Leinster since 2003, the presence of the asylum seekers has been positive and enriching for the broader community.

It’s also had a “great impact” on her.

“Their presence will be part of this town forever. They’re history now; they’ve been here and they’ve been part of this town.”

“They will stay in my heart forever. I’ll pray for them especially, and of course, all other asylum seekers as well.”

Annette said the asylum seekers reminded her of “the silent neighbour at our door”.

“We don’t know them very well – the silent neighbour – but God is asking us to be aware of them,” she explained. Continue reading.

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