New painting of Suzanne Aubert

An iconic painting of a youthful Suzanne Aubert was unveiled last month at a gathering of more than 80 Bishops of Oceania at the Home of Compassion in Island Bay, Wellington.

‘This painting is a wonderful depiction of the youthful Suzanne Aubert as she would have been at the height of her ministry,’ says congregational leader Sr Margaret Anne Mills

“Many of the photos we have of her are of an older sister. This painting captures the warmth and energy which were hallmarks of her extraordinarily productive and selfless life.”

“It also places her in the setting of Jerusalem on the Whanganui River where her work with Māori flourished and her care for infants and young children began.”

The painting was created by The Auckland-based Studio of St John the Baptist which specialises in sacred art and iconography.


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