Roman Curia reform not revolutionary, papal advisor says

The reform of the Roman Curia is not a revolution, says one of the senior cardinals advising Pope Francis.

Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, who co-ordinates the council of nine cardinals advising the Pope, said reform of the curia is a normal response to changing times.

The current process may feel different because Pope Francis exercises his ministry with a new style, the cardinal said.

Cardinal Rodriguez dated the first modern reform of the Curia to St Pius X at the beginning of the 20th century, the second to Pope Paul VI after the Second Vatican Council, and the third to St John Paul II, with his 1988 apostolic constitution Pastor Bonus.

He said that change would not come overnight, but it would not be dragged out indefinitely.

“Many people are thinking that tomorrow the reform will take place. The last reformation, of Pope John Paul, took eight years!”

“Of course, we’re not intending to spend eight years.

“Consultations of that time were not so easy, because they didn’t have the Internet.

“Now we communicate and make surveys of the whole Church by new media and that is very good,” Cardinal Rodriguez said.

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