Promote culture of life – Wellington Council of Priests

The Council of Priests in the Wellington Archdiocese, is encouraging parishes, to continue to promote a “culture of life”, and respect for the elderly, terminally ill, and vulnerable persons in our society.

In a memorandum sent by Cardinal Dew to all parishes they say, “We encourage parishes in their regular Mass of Anointing of the sick, and the formation and support of those who take communion to the sick and elderly.

“These are ways of keeping us aware of the value of all human persons, no matter how ill and dependent on others they may be.”

The memorandum contains 2 specific suggestions for parishes to consider:

1. To include regularly in the prayers of the faithful at Sunday Mass a prayer focussing on the respect for life, for those who care for the sick and dying, and for politicians to exercise wisdom in their deliberations on euthanasia.

2. To choose individuals who would be able to be a point of contact for communications on matters related to euthanasia, and would be able to share that within the parish.

 Copy of Cardinal Dews Memorandum

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